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Let Us Enhance and Transform Your Nails

Nail Enhancements and ManicuresAt All About You Salon, we are proud to give the best gel manicures and nail enhancements in Fremont County, Colorado. Our skilled nail technicians have decades of combined experience, and can make your manicure dreams come true. 

We can do it all - from basic manicures to custom nail art and gem accents, we are Cañon City's only designer nail spot. Don't leave your manicure up to chance. Come get your nails done at All About You Salon, where our experience and skill shines with each happy customer. 

Manicures Offered At All About You Salon

  • Gel Manicures
  • French Manicures (gel)
  • Manicures with Custom Nail Art
  • Manicures with Gems 
  • Gel Nail Extensions

Gel Manicures

For the most long-lasting, shiny, beautiful and clean manicure, gel is the way to go. At All About You Salon, we specialize in gel manicures. Gel manicures are durable, so you don't have to worry about chips or smudges for at least 2 weeks! 

Gel manicures are also less time consuming than traditional manicures. Because we dry your nails using a special light, you won't have to plan for extra time for your nails to dry. This process also eliminates the worry about messing your nails up when you leave the salon. They will be fully dry for you to go about your day looking fabulous. 

Gel Nail Extensions

With gel nail extensions, we can give your nails the length and shape you have always dreamed of. Rather than offering acrylic nails, at All About You Salon, we offer gel nail extensions. With this process, we can make your nails and length or shape you want without the damaging effects of acrylics. 

Gel nail extensions are thin and incredibly strong, and you never have to worry about them falling off, no matter what type of daily wear and tear they go through. And, because they are gel, they won't chip or smudge! The only limit to what we can do with gel nail extensions is your imagination! 

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